1. Condition, Condition, Condition!  Fill in those “Dry Pockets”
Curly hair is porous, so conditioner helps to fill in the “holes” and lock in moisture. Of course we recommend Leave Me Alone by Alex Anthony Curl System


2. Brushes & Combs are a NO-NO!
For curly hair, these products are a no-no. However, all curl types can use a wide-tooth comb to go through the hair for detangling.


3. Lock It In
After you evenly apply your leave-in, (or in this weather: a drop of Deep Treatment), it’s time to lock in the curl pattern. Keep your hair as wet as possible. Create 3-5 sections (depending on hair length) and apply (Curl) Gel or Mousse using our finger combing technique.


4. Pay Attention to Your Ends
The ends of our hair can be at high risk during winter months. Make sure they receive extra moisture when you shower and style.


5. If You MUST Dry Your Hair…
For all hair types, it’s best to stay away from blow-drying and heat tools. However, if you absolutely have to, make sure to cut down on drying time with something like Alex Anthony’s Maracuja Potion.  Never leave your house with wet curls. Hair can freeze!


6. Refresh Throughout the Day
All curls and waves can benefit from a mid-day and evening “spritz” of refreshing spray. Alex Anthony’s Coco Revive is especially beneficial with its added coconut oil.


7. Good Night
The “Pineapple” is usually our top recommendation for curls. Or, you can sleep with a satin pillowcase if your curls are still wet.  A satin pillowcase is preferred because the curls will dry slower, allowing them to retain their moisture. Cotton pillowcases dry the hair too quickly to retain anything!


8. Cover Up
When venturing into dry, cold elements, be sure to cover your curls with a crocheted hat or loose scarf.
Don’t allow curls to be “pressed” down onto your scalp. Attempt to pile curls up and not flatten them.  This will help keep “ Hat Head” at bay.


Stay warm Curly Girls!